Over the last four years, BiR has been involved in projects beyond the eastern border of Romania. As well as being the poorest country in Europe, in recent years the Republic of Moldova has undergone massive emigration. It is estimated that between 25 and 30% of the population has emigrated eastwards or westwards. The first consequence of this has been the noticeable reduction in adults and, hence, in the number of parents and workers, in many parts of the country, but particularly in rural areas. Our local partners – Social Mission Diaconia and the Christian Philanthropy Association – are working in several areas of the country on a variety of support initiatives for the most vulnerable members of the population and to encourage the redevelopment of communities and their resources. Our work with colleagues in the Republic of Moldova has two main areas of focus. On the one hand, it is to promote international engagement and partnerships with local volunteers to organise week-long leisure and play initiatives for children and young people in rural areas. On the other hand it is to provide financial support to support prevention and social promotion projects.


THE WAGON This is a volunteer centre set up in 2008 in Orhei, on the initiative of the “Sfântul Vasile de la Poiana M?rului” Orthodox Parish in collaboration with Social Mission Diaconia and now supported

independently by a local association founded in 2013 called Christian Philanthropy. Numerous projects took place between December 2013 and December 2014:
? environmental education activities;
? workshops on education, the family, and relationships;
? creative activities and workshops;
? campaigns for children and rights;
? collection of clothes, food and games for children and families in need at Easter, Christmas and the summer holidays;
? summer camps;
? activities to promote voluntary work.

The work to recruit young volunteers also intensified in 2014. Young men and women were involved in several awareness and training initiatives in their local communities and were given constant guidance to motivate them. Now a tradition, the Volunteer of the Month award generates the right amount of enthusiasm for working alongside others and contributing to the community. In 2014, the fourth edition of “Field of friendship” took place in Orhei. This summer event is planned and organised in collaboration with BiR volunteers and has two main objectives: to present a week of activities for disadvantaged children and youngsters and to train and mentor local volunteers.