BiR is an association founded in 1999 in Milan by Don Gino Rigoldi, with the collaboration of a group of citizens and some private associations. It is a volunteer non-profit association  as recognized by Lombardy Regional Government. The mission of the association includes interrelated dimensions. From one side there are protection and promotion of  children’s rights in Romania, Moldova and Italy, with particular attention toward the minorities who live in fragile conditions related to the abandonment, abused and to social marginality. While  on the other side there is the promotion of the active citizenship, especially among young people, within local and European communities, which suggests training and activation.  BiR actively collaborates with people, organizations and institutions, locally and internationally, providing patterns of change inspired by the logic of participation and sustainability.

BiR also promotes international volunteering, especially among young people. In these years, more than 2,100 trained  Italian volunteers participated in the summer and winter camps in Romania at the Institutes of various Districts and  since 2010 also  in the Republic of Moldova. Through the camps young volunteers experience the relationship with the other in a situation of need, vulnerability, bringing affection and cultural exchanges through a variety of recreational activities and sports. This experience leads to personal growth, especially in favor of human relationships and the overcoming of individualism, leading young people to reflect on the meaning of life, experiencing solidarity and then encouraging them to be an active citizen.

In Lombardy Region more than 100 young people are involved in promotion, training, cultural events and supporting children and young people in vulnerable condition.

Our last projects funded:

  • Erasums+: Grow up together (second), 3 young people per 11 months  doing the European Voluntary Service in  Valcea – Romania
  • Erasums+: Paint together  the Horizon, 2 young people per 6 months  doing the European Voluntary Service in Bucharest  – Romania
  • Ciessevi /Regione Lombardia  Metti(MI) in Movimento, promotion of active citizenship
  • Fondazione Cariplo: BIR-active: education, participation and awareness
  • EU/DG Justice:  Promoting children and adolescents’ rights in Romania and Italy (PRO-CHILD)


Antonella Lamorte

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