Our networking with other organisations in the areas we operate continues with two main focuses.

The first is to provide guidance for volunteers who have decided to continue working with other organisations after their summer experience. The second is the cultivation of targeted partnerships. These stem from the willingness of BiR volunteers to share  with other organisations the experience and skills they have gained from working in intercultural environments over the years. An example of this is the initiative of the “SOS Syria” group, an experience demonstrating our attention to what is currently happening in the areas where BiR operates. This project was the inspired of about 15 volunteers involved in hospitality and recreation for Syrian asylum seekers – adults and children – who arrived in Milan in the autumn of 2013 to escape civil war in their country. The project continues to support organisations involved in first-response reception centres.

VOLUNTARY WORK ABROAD – Romania and Moldova

Since 1999, Bambini in Romania has organised international voluntary summer camps in institutes and communities in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Two weeks of entertainment and recreation for children and young people aged between 3 and 20, with the assistance of local volunteers. This international voluntary project is organised around three different periods from late June to mid-August.

“Even when times are hardest, I can get up and remember who I am, who we are.
We are the ones who go back with an awful plastic bracelet on our wrists.
The ones who never get used to saying goodbye.
The ones who never really go back. “



BiR proposed an EVS project for 2015/16 involving 11 months of service in the city of Râmnicu Vâlcea on the projects the association co-runs with the Inima Pentru Inima Foundation.

3 volunteers will take part in the second year of the project. Their work will involve:

  • entertainment, sports activities, recreational workshops, music, computers skills, etc.;
  • helping children in their daily activities;
  • organising trips to parks, the library, entertainment;
  • organising promotional events to raise awareness among young Romanians on the fundamental importance of their direct involvement in the building of a more inclusive and cohesive local and European community and to inform them about the opportunities offered by the YiA programme;
  • helping to organise summer camps.


EVS project in Bucharest consists in six months of service with the projects carried out in collaboration with the Association Carusel (within the structures of the Romanian partners or in hospital of the territory with which collaborates Carusel) consiste in 6 mesi di servizio presso i progetti portati avanti in collaborazione con l’associazione Carusel, alongside local staff)